How To Set Up The Camera

1. Download and Install the free YCC365 App 

a. Make sure your mobile devices are connected to the network properly (Wi-Fi)

b .For Android phone users, download the free app by searching "YCC365" in "Google Play Store" or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package.

c. For iPhone or iPad users, download the free app by searching  "YCC365" in "App Store" or scanning the QR-Code on the camera package.


2. Connect the Cloud IP Camera 

a. Open your APP "YCC365", register a new account or log in to your existing account

b. To add the camera device follow the instructions provided (You can choose four ways to add your camera)

c. When your add your camera, please put your camera in a place where the wifi signal is stable (ensure your phone and camera are close)


Cannot Connect To WIFI Successfully?

1.Please make sure the WIFI Password is correct. (Our Camera Only Support 2.4Ghz Wifi) 


2.Please make sure the router signal is stable (place Minimancam close to your router for first connection). The Camera will not work on a 5Ghz wireless standard at this time.  If you have a dual-band router, be sure to segregate/split your wireless channels and connect the Camera to the 2.4ghz channel.        


3.Please check that your wifi name and password do not have special symbols, our camera can only recognize English letters and numbers.



When plugging in the camera, if the Minimancam does not provide you with a 'Waiting for connection message after plugging in, the camera needs to be reset.


Reset is used to boost the IP Camera system, which become more efficient to accept the unknown router and connect it.


Please note: Reset will erase all user settings including WIFI information, access password, alarm information, arming zones information.


Steps to Reset

1. To Reset, find the reset hole at the bottom of the device, and then use a needle or pin to insert it.


2. Press it for over three seconds


3. After hearing a tone sounds, you'll hear a  voice stating 'Reset to be defaulted setting', when you hear this the camera has reset successfully.


After the reset, you can now start to connect by WIFI.